We at PowerNet focus on Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation systems, Plant wide Communication Networks, AC & DC Drives and Fire Alarm Systems. We also undertake preventive and breakdown maintenance work.

Electrical System
Installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical System
  • HT and LT panels, transformers, motors, PLC, MCC, MLDB, etc
  • Fabrication and erection of cable trays, busducts, etc
  • Laying and termination and jointing of power and control cables
  • All related structural steel work and civil works like cable trays, equipment, foundation, etc
  • Installation and commissioning of battery, battery chargers, UPS
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Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Power plant, substations, switch yard, diesel generators, etc
  • Equipments in utility system like compressor, boiler, blower, etc
  • Steel plant, blast furnace equipments like stoves, mud gun, top charging equipments, pig casting machine
  • Equipments in Steel refining Unit (SRU) like Basic oxygen furnace, LRF, CCM
  • Equipments in raw material handling system like wagon tippler, stacker unit, conveyor systems, screening unit, de dusting unit
  • Equipments in petroleum product pumping station and filling station like wagon loading, gantry, tanker, trucker
  • Equipments in utilities, compressor, boiler, blower, etc
  • Equipment related water recirculation system like pump house, cooling water system, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), thickener, DM plant, etc
  • Crain and hoists like gantry crane, magnetic crane, grab crane, etc
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Instrumentation and Industrial Automation
Installation, testing and commissioning of
  • All types of field instruments like temperature gauges, for level flow temperature speed instruments
  • Control valves, MOV's, safety valves, etc
  • Fabrication and erection of Airlines, impulse lines, cable tray, etc
  • PLC panels, marshaling cabinets, JB's, etc
  • Laying, testing and loop checking of control cables
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Air-conditioning & cooling systems
  • Installation, testing & commissioning of HVA/C, Window & Split A/C, Water coolers, Chiller units etc.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Cold room and all Air conditioning systems.
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